Makonnen Sankofa is a best-selling author, Pan-African activist and Founder of The Black Books Webinar. His book ‘The Rise of Rastafari’ gives a broad overview of the history of Rastafari. Makonnen’s book also tackles some of the misconceptions people have about Rastafari and highlights the core principles behind this black liberation theology which has taken the world by storm.

Makonnen founded the Black Books Webinar monthly events in May 2020. The event is also hosted by Makonnen. Each month Makonnen invites 8 authors of African heritage to come on his online webinar and speak about their books. The webinars showcase the wide-variety of books written by black authors ranging from children’s books, history, relationships, culture, health, poetry, real-life stories. Towards the end of the webinar, there is a question and answers session where the audience can interact with the authors.

Makonnen spent 6 months in the Gambia in July 2019 to January 2020. During his time in Gambia, Makonnen delivered lectures in schools about his book The Rise of Rastafari. He also worked with Juliet Ryan on the popular YouTube channel called Bla Xit, which reached 20,000 subscribers in the first 3 months of launching. Makonnen will be relocating to Africa once the travel restrictions are lifted. Makonnen will be moving to Zambia and he will be planning to do more lectures and public talks about his book in Zambia.

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